October 12-22, 2015
Blue Sky Hawaii
Maui & Kauai Honeymoon

Hi Arlene:

Thanks for checking in on us. Our honeymoon was wonderful and all of the travel accommodations were very smooth.

Thank you for arranging everything for us. I will be signing up for the travel points!
Date of Posting: 31 October 2015
Posted By: Allie H.
Seven Hill, OH
Celebrity Summit, April 2013

Hi Arlene. The cruise was great. All went as planned with the flights and the cruise. What a wonderful way to spend our 50th anniversary with our family. We all had a fabulous time and hope to be able to do another family cruise in the future. Thanks for all you help in getting everything booked for us.
Date of Posting: 31 October 2015
Posted By: Bernadine S.
Sagamore Hills, OH
Arlene, The Norwegian Epic was truly epic! I loved it. What a great ship. I had a great time. Everything worked seamlessly. You did a great job. We really enjoyed the Hampton and the fact that you could go around Miami for free on their tram was a pleasant surprise. The really great thing though was the Studio room on the boat. I could not believe how roomy it was. It had at least a double bed, could have been a queen. NCL provided so much storage, I did not even use it all. The Living Room was a great addition also. So accommodating to the solo traveler. The had light food, home baked cookies daily and the best thing was the gourmet coffee drinks they provided at no charge while the same drinks had a fee attached in the other parts of the ship. Now I am home and have to get used to not having my latte and cappuccino every day!

Just loved it. I would go again even on my own. Would be great for the TWP girls.

Take care and thanks again.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Carolyn L
Avon Lake, OH
Thanks Arlene, for booking our Princess Cruise. You know I always shop around for the best deal, and you always seem to find it. The mini-suite you found us Caribbean Princess was HUNG and priced much lower than a regular balcony cabin on lesser rated lines. Also, thanks for recommending the cruise insurance. Trip was awesome and your follow thru was outstanding! We can't wait to book our next one. Jim
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Jim M
Mayfield Heights, OH
We just arrived back from a wonderful transatlantic cruise on Holland America's Prinsendam. We went to Bermuda, St. Malo, Cherbourg and Le Havre France as well as Brussels, Belgum. Our excursions took us to Mont St. Michel, D Day Landing Beaches and Monet's garden and home. We saw many lovely areas of rural France and enjoyed a day in Belgium. Arlene as usual helped us with our trip so everything went smoothly. Thanks again, Arlene. Pictures soon!
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Carl & Sandy Boyle
Aurora, OH
Thanks Arlene for arranging travel to Hawaii. Air flights were good and together with Perillo tour it was fantastic. Best way to travel and see everything that islands are noted for. Thanks again. Virginia
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Virginia G
Northfield Center, OH
Secret’s Royal Beach, Punta Cana, DR.
Apple Vacations
April 2013

Hi Arlene,

I had planned on letting you know about our trip. It was GLORIOUS (the weather, as well as the accommodations. The Secrets Royal staff was exceptional (or as they would have you say, "Excellente"!!) We had a lovely room on the 1st floor (which was located at the end of the pool and not on top of it). Every night, we were surprised, upon returning to our room, with a different configuration of a towel in the shape of a bird strewn with rose petals. There were even rose petals around each of our sinks. We had
breakfast in bed one day.

People should be aware that although the beach is spectacular, there is a lot of seaweed on shore and floating in the water. This is due to all the boat traffic that passes by. Some people may be turned off by that.

The food was also exceptional. We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary at their French restaurant and it was outstanding.

Thank you again for helping us plan a wonderful anniversary.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Barb Y.
Northfield, OH
Carnival’s Legend/ European Cruise
May 2013

Hi Arlene:

The trip was wonderful. Carnival did an excellent job. The tours were fantastic. The first deck worked well.

Thank you.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Ron M.
Solon, OH
Tauck Tour, Italy, April 2013

Hi Arlene.... I wanted to thank you again for helping us set up the trip to Italy want to talk I will definitely be around. But in case you this trip really was the trip of a lifetime, (just as you said it ould be). Tauck does an amazing job-everything was organized, taken care of, so all we had to do was show up and have a fabulous time from the moment we arrived. And we never touched our luggage....that alone is worth the price for me!

We were in a group of 40 people, but honestly, in many ways it felt like we were on our very own private escorted vacation, with really good friends. The people were so, so nice. There was very little bus time (I think only one trip from Florence to Tuscany, and the drive was gorgeous). The rest of our ransportation between the big cities (Venice Florence and Rome) was via a brand new high speed train and was super fun!!! The sights, meals, destinations and hotels were just outstanding. We were really happy that we got to do alot of walking, because we really like "active" vacations, and the way the time was divided between activities, we really felt that they gave you just the right combination of group outings and "free time". We definitely made the most of our free time too-on our last day in Rome we walked around and explored for 9 hours with an hour break for lunch-it was fantastic! The Forum, Colleseum, street fair, museums, crypts, you name it, we found it! As you may recall, we also had an extra day and a half in Venice, so we explored that city too, went on a tour of the Jewish ghetto, and relaxed in the Piazza. My husband felt like he was on a photo safari....he took over 5000 photos during the week!. In Rome, our tour director helped alot of us arrange a private tour of Rome at night, which was just spectacular. The private group tour of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum were positively incredible....we were so very moved by the extraordinary artistry on display everywhere.

We felt that in alot of ways this was like 4 different trips put together....a trip of Food, Culture, Wine and Romance (Venice); another one featuring Art, Music, Architecture, (Florence) ; a day in the country filled with phenomenal food, Wine, Olive Oil, and gorgeous landscapes (Tuscany), and our last stop, the Ancient Ruins, History and Religion trip (Rome). Truly, this trip, from our perspective, is a Highly Recommended trip-we felt you could be as physically active as you wish (we were one of the few who climbed Il Duomo in Florence-over 300 steps!), but I wouldn't recommend this trip for people who may feel physically compromised in any way. I could see that walking on cobblestones could be challenging (this is definitely not something for my folks). The age range in our group was between 45-60 (there were even some grandchildren around 25 yrs old, who joined their parents on the trip) and most everyone was in decent physical shape. I would say maybe 6-8 people out of the 40 people in our group were in their late 60s-early 70s.

My husband was positively thrilled with this trip from the moment we arrived until we got home and I can't tell you how happy that made me, because I knew this was something he always wanted to do and it was for such a happy occasion. It was also great that it followed our Israel trip, since it felt like we were traveling along an historical timeline in a way. Very cool.

Again, may I say how much we appreciate your help setting up the trip and our flights, which by the way, were also awesome. It was great to be on one airline (Delta), and check our bags once, and done! We had no trouble with the connections and the comfort economy seats were great. Also, the times were outstanding too....we didn't sleep on either leg of the flight, so we arrived in the am, got to the hotel, lunch, and checked in and took a nap and then, we were good to hit the town and enjoy the night. Coming home, we also didn't sleep, but we arrived home in the evening and went right to bed and slept round the clock. No jet lag on either end-YAY!

Take care and we look forward to seeing you (and booking another trip with you!) soon!

Meryl G.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Meryl G.
Celebrity Silhouette
Italy/Greek Island Cruise

Hi Arlene. The trip was incredible! A once in a lifetime experience. Will be posting some pictures on Facebook.

The dinner arrangements worked out perfectly. We had three tables that we could move around to dine with different people each night. The waiters took good care of us and remembered our drink orders even though we were at different tables. The ship was beautiful. Food was good too. Everything with the cruise itself was great. Sunset verandas were very nice. What a great deal we had with the 1-2-3 go package.

Thanks for all your hard work in arranging this trip for our group. Everyone commented on what a great trip it was.
Date of Posting: 30 October 2015
Posted By: Linda T.
Independence, OH

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